Under clouds of

Somber, dirty gray

Flakes of pure white

Dance in their ballet.

Houses outlined,

In the long, black night,

By red and green

Spheres twinkling bright.

While trees…

Heard a new song the other day
In my car, driving to the store
I couldn’t wait to tell you about it
But we can’t talk about new songs anymore.

Then there was this silly love flick
where a couple kissed on a dance floor
I thought about my lips…

At the first face I stare
A beast cruel and unfair
Mocking sneer, selfish glare.
For him I do not care.

The second face I see
Tortured soul and body,
Hurt without…

When night covers the world
And leaves all in shadow,
The sun still shines.

When clouds envelop the sky
And flood the earth in rain,
The sun still shines.

When fog blankets the land
And shrouds the path ahead,
The sun still shines.

In dreary haze,
Raging storm
And blackest night,
The sun remains;
The sun awaits
For the fog to lift,
For clouds to give way,
For the earth to turn;
Then the eyes will survey

That the sun still shines.

It’s raining in New York today, September 11, 2018.

If the weather always matched our moods and emotions, like so often happens in books and movies, then it would storm on this day each year for a few lifetimes.

It wasn’t raining in NYC seventeen years ago. Ask anyone there…

Seinfeld was one of the greatest television shows of all time. It was hilarious and quite unlike anything that had been seen before. It became such a classic, pervasive piece of pop culture that, today, if you were to say a line from the show (such as “yada, yada, yada”…

I hate typos.

I mean it. I really, really f#*king hate typos.

There’s a special pain that you feel when you’ve written something you like, perhaps something good, and then later (after publication of course), you find an obvious typo, usually in the first few paragraphs.

Typos are like weeds…

Movies and music. Flicks and tunes.

Two great things that go great together.

Since the advent of motion pictures, music has played a huge part in cinematic storytelling. In the days of silent movies, pianist, organists and, sometimes, small orchestras would play music along with the movie. …

Brian Kemper

Writer, father, lawyer, and blogger - www.making-it-up-as-I-go-blog.

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